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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Song is You

I just finished The Song Is Youby Megan Abbot. Very fun! It was like watching an old noir flick with pounding rain pouring down outside on a cold night. In fact I specifically recalled Lady in the Lake with Robert Montgomery as I read the book.

At first I was slightly worried when all the initial characters were either gorgeous "dolls" with never ending legs or the swinging guys who take them home for one-night stands. But quickly the story gives way to a likable but very flawed protagonist, Gil "Hop" Hopkins, on a search for a starlet gone missing. The fact that he is not your typical investigator but is instead a publicity man, the type that usually cover things up, made for some interesting moments as he put it all together.

The dialogue alone was worth reading the book for, especially the inner dialogue Hop has with himself; it reminds you of the funny things we say to people while at the same time thinking "what am I saying", very true to life, I loved it!

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