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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Daily Digest part 1: 9 Dragons

Okay okay life has been so hectic that for all intents and purposes I abandoned my blog. Though I know I have barely one reader it still bothers me. Anywhoo the show must go on and I have finally started a new book, 9 Dragons, by my fave Michael Connelly.

So far so good. It hasn't started with a bang and I have to say it is not a major page turner YET but I am excited to get back to it. Bosch and his new partner Ferras have been assigned to investigate the murder of a liquor store shopkeeper in South Central, a place where years before Harry had sought refuge during the Los Angeles riots. What at first seems like an ordinary crime in a dangerous part of town where no one looks up at the sight of caution tape is shaping up to be the work of one of the Chinese Triad gangs......I love the possibilities of the Triads in this book especially as I love the work of Xiaolong Qiu ; it is new territory for Connelly and seems promising.

So far the notion that Bosch had visited the store during the riots is not very interesting; I'm a little bored with Connelly's fascination with the riots. They have been a part of numerous story lines of his and I think it's time to put them to rest. I'm also not very thrilled with Bosch's partner Ferras, I hope his character is fleshed out further in the book.

That's it for now!


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